Sunday, January 12, 2014

Broken bones with RA

I have oftened wondered what affact RA ia going to have on healing a broken bone. Just my luck, I get to find out 1st hand.

On January 4th. I went to a birthday party with the kids and was sorta talked into skating. Now I have skated before but just got an ankle brace and have issues with my feet, but I still had to try. I was a little wobbly but quickly skating came back and then my 12 year old fell on the right side of me. I did notice fast enough as I was talking with my 15 year old son, teasing him about tring to skate backwords. So I saw the yongest leg and bumped his skate as I lifted my right leg to miss him. I just couldn't balance long enough on the left foot and fell.

Now it wasn't painful when I fell, but moving my arm hurt. Something was off but I continued skating. As time moved on and the swelling set in my arm got worse. I used the arm to stop my self at the wall as I was getting off the floor and it was very painful. My arm would not extend all the way and my fingers were a little numb, this was two hours after the fall. My husband has to take my skates off and get my shoes on. At the hospital we found I have a radial head fracture. They said I have to call the orthopedic surgeon on the 6th, if the bone moves I may need surgery. It was a crazy amount of pain for xrays and getting my arm in a splint.

I was at least able to convince the doctor to let me go to work. I can type and write left handed, just slower. Now my left shoulder likes to go out from over use and it sure is sore...

On Tuesday I was able to see the orthopedic surgeon. A student took off the splint/arm warp. They both explained I had a fracture at the end of the radial head and it was ok to start moving my arm. I could use the arm sling to rest my arm. So I've done what I could including working over time at my day job, which is on the computer thankfully. Quite honestly I haven't used the arm sling unless I was out shopping, because I have my arm resting on something most of the time. I still can't open my arm all the way and it still hurts a lot.

Hopefully things will keep getting better and my RA won't slow down the process too much. I do see a new Rheumatologist on Feb. 28, so I'll just wait and see what he says. Hopefully I can get full use of my arm by then.

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